Moandji Ezana

Software Developer



Java web applications since 2005.
JavaScript’s good parts since 2009.
HTML 5 since 2010.
Node.js since 2013.
Ruby on Rails in 2012 & 2013.

Open Source

toml4j parses TOML in Java.
humpty puts your web assets back together.


Read my CV: LinkedIn, PDF, Github. Read the highlights below.


I write open source code, take pictures and write words.

Product Highlights

Bru Textiles 2017 - 2018

Developed a warehouse management system with Java EE, event-sourced micro-services with Spring Boot and Axon, Swing and mobile UIs, REST endpoints and interfacing with SAP over SOAP. We used an integrated build and deploy environment with git-flow, Bamboo CI and Docker to deploy quickly and often. 2014 - 2017

An order management and analysis web application for small businesses. I built the full stack, from server setup to front-end design and client demos.

Java 8, JAX-RS 2, JPA 2.1, Bootstrap 3, humpty, running on a Digital Ocean VPS.

Inet Edge 2012-2013

Creation of embeddable widgets such as financial graphs (screenshot).

Ruby on Rails 3.2, memcached, Bootstrap 2, Highcharts, Jquery, underscore.

Truvo MySite 2009-2010

Customisable, award-winning merchant websites within Yellow Pages listings in Belgium, Ireland and Portugal (presentation, screenshot).

Spring MVC, Hibernate, YUI.

Open Source


[creator] Parses TOML files into Java objects.


[creator] Web asset optimisation. Strives to be extensible and low-ceremony: add WebJars and plugins to customise your asset pipeline.


[contributor] Guice integration for JBoss's RESTEasy JAX-RS implementation.


Version web assets with Java build tools.
[creator] webjars-maven-plugin brings Bower-like ease of use
[contributor] webjars-locator and many individual WebJars.


[contributor] A JDBC extension to the Metrics performance measurement library.


[contributor] Ruby on Rails form builder for Twitter Bootstrap.


[contributor] Adapts the Mustache templating engine to Express, the web framework for Node.


[creator] A gem that makes JSColor available to Ruby on Rails apps.


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