Moandji Ezana Software developer

Mtunzini, South Africa

Open Source

toml4j parses TOML
humpty puts your web assets back together


Java web applications since 2005.
JavaScript’s good parts since 2009.
Ruby on Rails in 2012 & 2013.
Node.js since 2013.


I’m very interested in HTML5 & Android.


Read my CV: LinkedIn, PDF. Read the highlights below.


I make apps and libraries, take pictures and write words. 2014 - 2015

An order management and analysis web application for small businesses. I built it alone, from server setup to front-end design and client demos.

Java 8, JAX-RS 2, JPA 2.1, Bootstrap 3, humpty.

Inet Edge 2012-2013

Creation of embeddable widgets such as financial graphs (screenshot).

Ruby on Rails 3.2, memcached, Bootstrap 2, Highcharts, Jquery, underscore.

Truvo MySite 2009-2010

Customisable, award-winning merchant websites within Yellow Pages listings in Belgium, Ireland and Portugal (presentation, screenshot).

Spring MVC, Hibernate, YUI.

Samsung World 2011

Community site for Samsung Benelux. Screenshots: home page, product page, support page.

Spring MVC, Hibernate, Freemarker.


[creator] Web asset optimisation. Strives to be extensible and low-ceremony: add WebJars and plugins to customise your asset pipeline.


[creator] Parses TOML files into Java objects.


Version web assets with Java build tools.
[creator] webjars-maven-plugin brings Bower-like ease of use
[contributor] webjars-locator and many individual WebJars.


[contributor] Ruby on Rails form builder for Twitter Bootstrap.


[contributor] Adapts the Mustache templating engine to Express, the web framework for Node.


[creator] A gem that makes JSColor available to Ruby on Rails apps.


[contributor] A JDBC extension to the Metrics performance measurement library.


[contributor] Guice integration for JBoss's RESTEasy JAX-RS implementation.